Three Reasons to Visit the Dentist

Jan 10, 2019

Three Reasons to Visit the Dentist

Many people never visit a dentist unless they have a problem with their teeth or gums. Unfortunately, when you have a problem with your tooth or gums, significant damage is almost always present. This results in not only more extensive dental work, but also more complicated treatment solutions and higher overall treatment costs.

It is important to see a dentist on a regular basis to maintain your oral health. People don’t realize it, but your teeth are as important as other parts of your body. Just like we make sure we visit our family doctor regularly, we should also realize that our teeth are equally important and regular visits to the dentist are a must for our oral health.

Visiting a dentist regularly can also help prevent gum disease and can ensure that any oral health issues are identified at an early stage and are treated promptly.

While it is understandable why some people may not want to see a dentist on a regular basis, here are three reasons which will require you to visit a dentist:


  •  When you develop pain in your gums or teeth, a visit to the dentist is highly recommended. Pain is usually indicative that an infection or an inflammatory process is going on. If you have developed tooth pain and this occurs constantly, it is a good indicator that there may be something wrong with your teeth or gums. Overall, the pain from a toothache is not well tolerated by most people. In fact, most home remedies and over the counter pain pills do not work in such cases.
  • There are many causes of tooth pain, and the best way to determine the cause is to see a dentist. Many people wait till the last minute before seeking help. It is important to remember that most dentists do not work at night, over the weekends or on holidays. If your pain is intolerable and if you have not bothered to visit a dentist during regular business hours, you may have to go to the emergency room, where you may have to wait hours before you even get to see a dentist or a dental resident on call. Plus, the care provided in an emergency room is never optimal. Therefore, if you have pain in your tooth, it is best that you visit a dentist right away.

Sensitive teeth

  • One very common reason why people may need to see a dentist is when they develop sensitive teeth. This may occur while drinking hot or cold beverages or eating certain foods. Having sensitive teeth can be a miserable experience because the sensation is often unbearable and even worse than a toothache.
  • In many cases, one is even afraid to brush or floss the teeth because every time you touch your teeth, you feel pain and an uncomfortable sensation. There are many causes of sensitive teeth. Some of these causes are harmless while others may indicate a bigger oral problem like a cavity, tooth erosion or infected gums. If you develop sudden tooth sensitivity, it is important to see a dentist right away so that the matter is resolved quickly and any other problems are identified in time and treated promptly.

Bleeding gums

  • Another important reason to visit a dentist is when you develop bleeding gums. In general, when your gums bleed, it is a very strong indicator that you have serious gum disease. You should never take this lightly because if you do, not only can you suffer from excruciating pain but you may also lose some teeth if you don’t consult a dentist and resolve the problem.
  • When the gum disease is severe, the tooth may need extraction, and the cost of dental care goes up. In general, if your gums bleed, it can be an indicator of infection deep inside the tissues. This needs urgent treatment. In some cases, your gums may be bleeding because your teeth are in a bad state and require thorough cleaning. This is usually done after treating the infection, if any, with antibiotics. A dentist is the best person to determine the best course of action in such a situation.

Carl Burton Dentistry, Greenville Cosmetic Dentist

If you have any or all of the above symptoms, you need to visit a dentist as soon as possible. At Carl Burton Dentistry, cosmetic dentists in Greenville, SC, we have a team of well-trained and qualified dentists who will be able to provide you with the best possible treatment for any of your dental issues. Keep in mind that if you are suffering from pain, sensitivity or bleeding, you need to visit a dentist immediately. The longer you wait, the worse your oral health can get. Call and schedule an appointment today.

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