Removing a Foreign Object Stuck Between Your Teeth or in the Gum Line

Dec 30, 2018

Removing a Foreign Object Stuck Between Your Teeth or in the Gum Line

Sometimes when eating food, meat or vegetables, some fibers may get stuck in between the teeth. On some occasions, even dental floss fibers can sometimes get caught between the teeth.

In children and teenagers who have a habit of putting everything in their mouth or chewing pens/pencils, pencil stubs, plastic, and even thin metallic chains have been known to get caught between teeth. In the majority of cases, these items can be removed by gently pulling on them, brushing the teeth, or rinsing the mouth with water. However, there are times when the object is stuck between the teeth and will not budge.

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What can you do in such a situation? If the situation seems really bad and if you are confident that you cannot manage to remove it at home without causing additional damage, it is best to consult a dentist. At Dr. H. Carl Burton Jr, DMD Dentistry, we are always available to serve our patients and help them resolve any issues related to their teeth and oral health.

Tips on removing a foreign object between teeth

Here are some tips on how you can remove a foreign object stuck between your teeth or in the gum line:

  1. The first thing to do when a foreign object gets stuck in your teeth is to remain calm.

    • Keep in mind that this is not a life-threatening situation, and there is no need to panic. In the majority of cases, a common sense approach will help you remove the foreign body stuck in between your teeth. Just make sure you understand the situation clearly before you do anything.
  1. If there is a foreign body stuck in between your teeth; never resort to the use of pliers, sharp objects, needles, knives or tweezers to remove the item.

    • In most cases, this will only lead to additional injury to your gums and teeth.
  1. If there is bleeding in the area where the foreign body is stuck, rinse the mouth with lukewarm water.

    • This will not only soothe the discomfort but will also wash away the blood and provide you with a better view. If possible, get someone to assist you to locate where the foreign item is located.
  1. The best way to remove most foreign bodies stuck between the teeth is by using waxed dental floss.

    • The wax on the string can lubricate the area and dislodge the foreign body. However, you need to be gentle and not use too much force. You may have to try this several times.
  1. If waxed dental floss does not help remove the foreign item, you may want to try a water flosser.

    • The force of the water can sometimes dislodge the foreign body. The unfortunate problem is that many people do not own a water flosser. But if you do, it’s worth a try.

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If these home remedies don’t help, then it is highly recommended that you visit a dentist. Depending on the object as well as the level of pain you are having, you should schedule something accordingly.

If you have no major symptoms and the object is a piece of food or a string, you don’t need urgent treatment. However, try and schedule an appointment as soon as possible. You will have to visit the dentist urgently if you are bleeding, have pain, and the object is sharp or a metal string.

If this is something that has happened after office hours, you may have to go to the emergency room. If it’s during the daytime, then its best to see a dentist in a clinic. Dentists have good lighting and many types of tools to remove a foreign item from in between the teeth. The procedure generally does not take long and is relatively painless. After removal of the foreign item, there is usually no downtime, no pain and you can resume your daily living activities on the same day.

If you are having pain because of a foreign object stuck in between your teeth or in the gum line, call us immediately at Carl Burton Dentistry. We have been serving the Greenville area for many years and have an excellent reputation. All our dentists are highly qualified and well-trained. We will ensure you are treated quickly and efficiently without any more pain or bleeding. Call us today and let us serve you for all your dental needs.

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