Mouthguards: Protecting the Mouth and the Brain

Oct 15, 2018

Mouthguards: Protecting the Mouth and the Brain

Mouthguards have come a long way. Today, these devices are custom made from durable plastic polymers, are well tolerated and help protect the oral cavity from injury. Unfortunately, each year thousands of young individuals who play sports never wear mouth guards and consequently suffer from moderate to severe injuries of the jaw, often leading to tooth loss. During blunt trauma to the face, the mobile jaw can easily be dislocated, but the impact can also forcibly traumatize the teeth, resulting in moderate to severe oral cavity injuries.

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If you have suffered blunt trauma to your face and have damaged your teeth, you should consult a dentist immediately. At Dr. H. Carl Burton Jr, DMD Dentistry, we have a range of dental services that are designed to ensure that your teeth are well taken care of, and any dental issues are resolved without any delays.

Why Mouthguards?

According to the American Dental Association, people who regularly engage in sports are more likely to suffer a loss of teeth, compared to individuals who wear a mouthguard.  In most cases, these injuries are preventable if they wear a mouthguard. Recent evidence shows that not only do mouthguards help protect the oral cavity from trauma, but they also help protect the brain.

Concussion is one of the most common sports injuries. A new study shows that mouthguards may help reduce this injury as well. When one wears a mouth guard, the device absorbs the shock, thus, not only reducing the risk of a fractured tooth when an athlete is hit on the face, but also decreasing the impact of the force as it is transmitted through the skull bones.

With concussions on the rise in many sports, athletes, coaches and parents are now looking for a device that offers solid protection to the face and brain. More and more evidence is accumulating that a custom-made mouthguard is an ideal defense.

In a study published in 2014 in the journal ‘Academy of General Dentistry’ researchers followed 412 high school football players, of whom 50% used a mouthguard bought over the counter, and 50% had a custom-fit mouth guard designed by the dentist. The researchers observed that of players who bought the mouthguard from a store, nearly 8.4% suffered from mild traumatic concussion/brain injury compared to 3.6% of players who wore a custom-made mouth guard.

The conclusion was that the while the over the counter mouthguard was cheap and easily available, it did not protect the brain as well as a custom-made mouth guard.

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If you are interested in a custom-made mouthguard to protect yourself from sports injuries, contact us at Dr. H. Carl Burton Jr, DMD dentists Greenville, SC, and we will get right on it. We will schedule an appointment so that you can be measured for a perfect fit mouthguard. We will then custom design and deliver it to you as soon as possible. Call us today. We ensure that you can play the sports you love.

Now parents, coaches, and athletes can rest easy because there is a perfect solution to prevent unnecessary injuries. You can reduce the injury to the mouth as well as the brain by simply using a custom-made mouth guard. Developing brain concussion has repercussions way beyond the football field. Studies show that in the long run, these individuals frequently develop cognitive problems as well as movement disorders. You can prevent long-term problems by being proactive. Taking a small step in the right direction by using preventive measures to protect yourself from unnecessary injuries.

Remember, the mouthguard is just one piece of protective device; you should also wear a helmet at all times when playing your sports. We understand that athletes are dedicated to their sport and would do anything to just be on the field. But if you want to continue to play for a long time, you need to make sure you stay healthy. Injuries like a concussion or trauma to your mouth are not only painful but can result in long-term damage.

Call us at Dr. H. Carl Burton Jr, DMD Dentistry in Greenville, SC. We offer a wide range of dental services. Also, we always ensure that each patient receives individualized attention and customized treatment. We can custom design your mouthguard so that you can rest easy and protect yourself from unwanted injuries.

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